Vardar Socks started its activities at 1958 as a handkerchief production and trade company. In many years, we have reached whole Turkish Market with our quality, reliability and experience.

At those days, whilst we were only producing handkerchiefs, there was a demand raising for us to start production of Socks. With our 40 years’ experience, at 1998 we have started to produce socks. This was the beginning of our new adventure in Socks and tights production.

From 1998 till 2003 we have only produced for internal market. At 2003, we decided to move further and started our Export business to Europe and USA.

Since 2003 we are growing day by day and today we have reached 3.000 m2 production area with 75 Workers, 120 New and high-tech machines.


At 2012, due to the market needs and customers’ requests, we have applied for a license to produce Disney Socks and tights. Since 2012 we are renewing this license every year.

At the same year, we have applied for BSCI and Sedex Certifications to give better and fair living standards to our workers which are renewing every year.


All World Shipment


On-time Delivery


Quality Product Range


At 2014, we have reach a remarkable growth in French market and due to the requests and needs of our customers we got ICS Certification.


Finally at 2019, we have now GOTS and OCS certifications to produce organic socks and tights.  For more information for our certificates, please visit our Certifications page. 


Our monthly capacity is now 1.200.000 pairs per month and our target is to reach 1.500.000 pairs per month in the year of 2020.


Since 1958 there is only one things that has never changed.

“ Our promise to produce Requested quality with reasonable price, perfect service ending with just-in-time delivery.”